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    Unique Handicrafts Pottery

    Ceramic pottery making in Kınık has a very important place in the city’s traditional handicrafts. Settlers of Kınık, have been continuing the art in the last 120 years in 40 workshops that exist till this day. The type of mud is vital for quality ceramics, and the soil has particular characteristics suitable for pottery in Kınık village. The mud transforms into ornaments and souvenirs in the hands of the artisans.

    Precious Stone Ornament

    The city of Bilecik has local precious stone reserves. Combining silver and various stones such as agate and obsidian, the Handicraft Education Centre produces jewelery used in necklaces, rings and belts. There are also workshops that offer mosaic works, decorative marble and wall panels in the style of ancient stonework. 

    Knitting and Embroidery

    Take your time to explore and admire embroided and knitted products. Bilecik-made embroidery, wool booties and socks, gloves, and needle lace are very famous, and each of these would be a perfect traditional gift.

    Lefke Cloth 

    Lefke cloth is a special textile product handcrafted cotton in Bilecik’s Osmaneli district. In addition to items such as tablecloths, napkins and scarves, there are also necklaces, rings and bracelets made out of Lefke cloth. The engravings on necklaces, rings and bracelets are needlecrafted.

    Silkworm Breeding

    Bilecik was a vital stop-off point on the historical Silk Road. Today, the traditional silkworm breeding still continues in Bilecik’s İnhisar and Osmaneli districts. The silkworm produces 800 to 1200 metres of the world’s strongest yarn.