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    Bilecik’s Folk Songs 

    Zeybek and spoon dances are common in Bilecik’s culture as the city neighbours both Eastern and Western Anatolia. Therefore, these melodies had on impact on folk songs. Tambourines, spoons, bells, zurnas, pipes and drums accompany rythmic folk songs and dances.

    Küre Mehter Team 

    Mehter is one of the oldest military bands in the world. Küre Mehter Team (Küre Mehter Takımı) represent traditional Ottoman mehter features and it was established in 1992 in Bilecik. Renowned as Türkiye’s first official civil mehter band, it participates in weddings, special events, entertainments and also performs Bilecik’s traditional Ottoman mehter shows.

    Bilecik’s Folk Dances

    The order of the dances is as follows: Bilecik çiftetellisi, karşılama and Bilecik zeybeği. All dances involve both men and women.